Youth Response

A preventative anti-ageing line that helps preserve and prolong the skin’s youthful appearance.

Cleanse and Tone

Essential Cleansing Emulsion.
A light milk cleanser for all skin types. Gently cleanse skin from impurities accumulated during the day.

Essential Lotion Lotion.
An alcohol-free toner which restores the pH of the skin and finalises the the make-up removal., preparing the skin to receive treatment products.

 Essential Cleansing Foam.
An ultra-soft foam cleanser which effectively cleanses and tones the skin without dehydrating the skin.

Comfort Cleansing Oil.

An effective oil based cleanser that effectively remove eyes, lips and face make-up. The skin is left perfectly cleansed without feeling oily or dry.

Essential Miscellar Water

An anti pollution face cleanser for all skin types. Effectively removes make-up all the dirt and grime from pollution while helping the skin to protect itself.


An anti-pollution moisturiser dedicated to all skin types. Protecting the skin to pollution, hydrate and calms skin whilst regaining its radiance.


Fundamental Hydrating Serum.
A serum which maximises hydration and plumps dehydrated areas. Use am and pm underneath moisturiser.

Fundamental Toning Serum.
A serum which help to tighten and improve the toning effect of the skin. Use am and pm underneath moisturiser.

Fundamental Nourishing Serum.
A serum which immediately comforts dry to very dry skin. Use am and pm underneath moisturiser.


Climatis Moisturiser.
Protection against external factors with Kokum and Shea Butter to moisturise, nourish and regenerate.

Fundamental Beautifying Cream.
Anti-ageing moisturiser, day and night cream improves cellular regeneration excellent for treating lines. Heals and repairs broken skin while plumping up dehydration lines.

Avantage Normal to Combination.
Prevents ageing and improves hydration for normal to combination skin.

Avantage Normal to Dry.
Prevents ageing and improves hydration for normal to dry skin.


Youth Grain.

An exfoliator to remove dead cells from the skin. Improving the penetration of your treatment products and improving cellular regeneration. This exfoliator can be used twice a week in the evening before applying your mask.


Youth Hydrating Mask.
An anti-ageing hydrating mask excellent to treat dehydration. You can sleep with this mask twice a week. Wake up with a perfectly hydrated skin.


A velvety, ultra-light texture to apply underneath foundation. Anti-free radical and SPF50 protection ideal for city skin.

  • MatiCity

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  • Avantage Normal to Combination

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  • Avantage Normal to Dry

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  • Cell Expert™

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  • Cityprotect50

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  • Climatis Moisturiser

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  • Comfort Cleansing Oil 200ml

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  • Essential Cleansing Emulsion

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  • Essential Cleansing Foam

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  • Essential Lotion

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  • Essential Micellar Water Anti-Pollution Face Cleanser

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  • Fundamental Beautifying Cream

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  • Fundamental Nourishing Serum 30ml

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  • Optimal Moisturising Serum

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  • Youth Grain

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  • Youth Hydrating Mask

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