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Let me tell you why we are the leading Matis online retailer in the Western Cape. Firstly, we have been selling Matis online since 2012. For over 80 years Matis has been the leader in skincare. With clinically proven results, we have trust is the brand. For years Matis won numerous awards and 2019 has been a particularly good year. Five of their signature products won awards. This just proves that the industry agrees with our team that Matis gives results.

But, now we add more value. With Virtual Consultations. This ensures a comprehensive analysis which improves results. We have many products to accommodate different skin types and conditions. Take away the guesswork and let us assist you. In the comfort of your home.



Women are exposed to an over-abundance of information. With access to the entire world. Women in general, especially French women. Want it all. Effectiveness ánd respect for their skin. Nature and high technology. Elegance and the latest advances. They don’t want to have to choose between a salon brand with proven know-how, or a start-up – offering environmentally-friendly formulas. For these women, in 2019, Matis is bringing the two together. Read More