Cell Expert™


The active ingredient, MatiStem CCis made from  White Rose stem cells. This product protects the area surrounding the skin stem cells and helps extend their ability to start the process of skin rejuvenation. The results of this product after one month is unbelievable with brightness in the skin increasing with +35%, the appearance of the skin texture increasing with +27%. The skin is regenerated day after day with 85%, The skins complexion appears more unified and luminous with 81%, the skin is more protected from outside aggression with 96% and the general appearance of the skin is improved with 81%.

Just simply apply 4 drops of the product in the morning and evening to the whole face and neck with a cleansed skin before the usual skincare. Avoid the eye contour.


The active ingredient in the beauty elixir Cell Expert TM  is the MatiStem CC. This active ingredient protects the environment of the skin stem cells and helps prolong capacity of the cell renewal process 

Content : 30 ml