Scar Science


Scar Science

Developed by a team of Plastic Surgeons, ScarScience is a unique scar management programme scientifically formulated to improve the outcome of a scar.


ScarScience™ addresses the key issues in scar management:

  • Collagen maturation.
  • Moisture & hydration.
  • Controlled inflammation.
  • Physical support with microporous tape.

ScarScience™ 50 ml Gel (24 mm microporous tape included)

ScarScience™ is recommended for all skin types and safe for infants and children.


  • Caesarian section scars.
  • Plastic and reconstructive surgery scars -tummy tuck, mastectomy, body contouring, breast reduction and augmentation.
  • Major and minor surgical and trauma scars.
  • Post-Laser peel redness
  • Tatoo removal scars
  • Skin growth removals
  • Acne scars- while still active
  • Stretch marks

Please note that this product is not sterile and must not be used as a wound dressing.

Instructions for use:

For best results, ScarScience™ must be used as close to wounding time as possible.

Step 1: Apply tape directly over the scar after cleansing the area.
Step 2: Apply ScarScience™ Gel to the surface of the tape.
Step 3: Apply ScarScience™ Gel twice daily, cleaning off the tape and applying the new gel.
Step 4: Replace tape only when it comes away from the wound, 4-5 days.
Step 5: Apply tape for 2-6 weeks, depending on the scar.

Thereafter apply gel only up to 6 months or till scar has healed.

  • Scar Management Programme

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