The Make Up


RVB LAB The Make Up

The effective use of make-up opens a Pandora’s Box of unlimited possibilities. At the very least, it allows you to be a diva one minute and girl-next-door the next. With RVB LAB The Make Up, find a make-up style that makes you look and feel beautiful.

Italian manufacturer, presents RVB LAB The Make Up, an advanced make-up range enriched for flawless-looking skin. Each specific active has been carefully selected for targeted results, with the botox-like actives of vegetal origin in the foundations to reduce wrinkle depth and define contours. Hyaluronic acid is added to lipsticks to nourish and plump the lips, and a powerful lifting ingredient, myoxinol®, in certain foundations, softens and fills out fine lines, leaving your facial contours firm and your skin looking fresh and radiant.

The diego dalla palma team’s pooled experience has been poured into the RVB LAB make-up line. This results in a truly professional range of make-up backed up by expert advice on how to get the perfect look using professional techniques. The latest shades and textures have been formulated to suit every skin type. The diego dalla palma make-up team is coordinated by master trainer and beauty consultant, Antonio Bonfanti.

Professional make up by diego dalla palma Milano.  With the right techniques and a few carefully chosen products from House of Freya, you can achieve a radiant, flawless look, every day.

What makes RVB LAB MAKE-UP special:

  • No heavy metal (nickel, lead, chromium, mercury, arsenic, cadmium) has been included in the products as an ingredient, in conformity with the Attachment II of the CE Regulation nr. 1223/2009.
  • Formulations do not contain gluten or gluten-derivative substances to safeguard clients that are gluten intolerant.
  • No testing on animals – on the end-products or during each phase of production as per current European regulations.
  • High quality formulae.
  • High performance products.
  • Comfortable textures.
  • Fashionable colours.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Complete and compact range.
  • For any occasion.
  • Professional results.



The skin is like a painter’s canvas. Before using the colours, you have to turn it into a perfectly flat surface.


Enriched with Primer Technology and 3D Instant Lift technology for an immediate smoothing effect. Apply prior to the foundation.

  • creamy and non-greasy primer
  • quick and easy to apply
  • instantly minimizes wrinkles, enlarged pores and uneven skin
  • prepares the skin before the foundation
  • foundation lasts all day

A good quality, well-applied concealer and foundation will minimize signs of fatigue, age, sun damage, and even camouflage a blemish or two.

Choose from a variety of compact, cream and fluid foundations that offer natural to high coverage.  Extra-light formulations and weightless powders ensure easy blending for a perfect finish.


  • soft and non-greasy
  • excellent coverage
  • dark circles and pigmentation marks
  • all skin types, including the driest skins.

Apply with a small brush or use the fingertip of the ring finger before applying the foundation.

Available in two colours.


Fluid foundation that, due to the absence of oily substances and the use of innovative raw materials, provides a long lasting matte effect. For normal, mixed and oily skins.

  • “second skin effect”
  • long lasting and comfortable
  • natural to high coverage
  • anti-age properties
  • UV protection

Asian Centella and an extract from Pomegranate sterols provide anti-ageing properties for a radiant finish.  SPF 20 protects the skin from UV radiation.

For a natural effect, apply with a latex sponge.  For more coverage, apply with the foundation brush.

Available in 4 colours 


Creamy foundation that, thanks to the innovative botox-like active ingredient of vegetal origin, operates a natural distensive action on the skin. It reduces the wrinkles depth and helps prevent the skin from aging, for normal, mixed and dry skins.

  • Soft, creamy foundation
  • smoothing, “botox-like” effect
  • visibly reduces flaws for an instantly firmer and smooth skin
  • UV protection
  • perfect for all skins especially more mature skins.

Active ingredients include Myoxinol for a smoothing, “botox-like” effect.

For a natural effect, apply with a latex sponge.  For more coverage, apply with the foundation brush.

Available in 4 colours


Light, fresh and smooth emulsion that perfectly uniforms the complexion with a light-medium coverage, providing protection from sunlight and pollution. Suitable for younger people, especially those who enjoy sports and outdoor living. For all skin types.

  • light creamy foundation
  • instantly radiant skin
  • light to medium coverage
  • all skins especially active/sporty people
  • UV protection

Enriched with Vitamin A and E, cell protectors and UV filters.  Subtle illuminating particles leave skin looking even and radiant.

For a natural effect, apply with a latex sponge.  For more coverage, apply with the foundation brush.

Available in 3 colours


  • convenient and compact
  • Use wet or dry
  • lightweight and velvety
  • good coverage
  • non-drying and long lasting
  • great for touch ups

Enriched with non-drying Rice powder to set the make-up for a long lasting finish.

Apply with a brush or damp latex sponge for a perfect finish.

Available in 2 colours


The application of the right powder for your skin is the final step in protecting and preserving all your hard work.


  • matifying and translucent
  • suitable for all skin colours
  • velvety texture gives a natural finish
  • sets the make-up perfectly without a “caking”effect

Enriched with olive oil sterols, vitamin E and micronized pigments.

Apply with a powder brush or puff.

Available in 1 colour


The role of blusher is to add colour to the face, not to reshape it. Today make-up is all about being true to yourself. So, when applying make-up, the most effective approach is to play up your best features in order to minimize your weaker ones.


Impalpable, soft and silky powder for cheeks. It gives the skin a natural, healthy complexion, for all skin types.

  • weightless compact powder
  • soft and velvety texture
  • easy to blend – non-streaky
  • radiance with a touch of colour
  • non-drying

Micronized “soft focus” pigments and vitamin E ensures a soft and silky texture that is easy to blend and leaves the skin glowing with a natural touch of colour.

Apply with a medium size powder brush.

Available in two shades


Micronised compact powder, easy to apply, in shades that give the face a natural tan. Suitable in all seasons and for all skin types.

  • versatile bronzing powder
  • easy to blend and non-streaky
  • for face contouring
  • all-over powder to create a tanning effect
  • non-drying

Sebum-absorbing powders ensures a mat finish throughout the day. Apply with a powder brush.

Available in two shades


If it’s true that eyes are the windows to the soul, then your eye make-up is window dressing. Inspire those passers-by to stop and stare! And remember, perfectly groomed eyebrows can frame your face, brighten your eyes, and even make you look younger.

The secret is in the contrast of the eyes: light surrounding dark, warm colour surrounding cold colour, full surrounding empty …whether you prefer soft enhancement of the eyes or a dramatic change, RVB SKINLAB make-up has the answer.  Eye shadows, eye pencils and mascaras are made of high quality micronized pigments to allow for easy blending and a long lasting effect.

Eyebrow-and-eye-pencilEYEBROW PENCIL – R220.00

Hard pencil to fill in the gaps of the thin and poorly defined arch eyebrows. Its texture gives resistance to heat and sweating.

Creates the perfect shaped eye brow

  • fills gaps between the brow hairs
  • medium-hard lead
  • smudge-proof and long lasting
  • perfect for framing the eyes

Available in 1 colour

EYE PENCIL – R275.00

Soft and comfortable eye pencil. Excellent writing effect and easy to shade.

  • soft and easy to apply
  • easy to blend
  • ideal to use inside the eye or to outline the corners
  • achieve a natural or dramatic effect

Enriched with nourishing vegetable oils and waxes for ease of application and a long lasting effect.

After application, blend thoroughly with an eyeliner brush to ensure a natural finish is achieved.

Available in two colours.

Eye-liners KHOL KAJAL EYE LINER – R220.00

Quick and easy kajal that allows you to create a precise and clear line. This is thanks to an immediate release of the colour and its soft and comfortable texture.

  • soft retractable eye liner
  • easy to apply and blend
  • precise application
  • no sharpening needed
  • natural or dramatic effect

Enriched with cotton oil for ease of application.

For a dramatic and long lasting effect, apply the eyeliner on the inner eye lid/lash line.  To create a “smokey eye” effect, apply the eyeliner both inside and outside the eye, blending it on the upper eyelid.

Available in black  


Precision latex tip marker liner.

  • new generation marker with precision latex tip
  • creates a precise, smudge-free line
  • quick-drying and long lasting
  • high quality micronized pigments
  • velvet finish and intense black colour

Available in black


With a soft and silky texture, they give a smooth writing effect and the colours are easy to shade

  • mono eye shadows
  • silky textures
  • easy to apply
  • streak-free application
  • long lasting

Enriched with Vitamin E and olive oil sterols for a streak-free application that lasts throughout the day.

Available in 4 colours


Rich in volumising ingredients, it makes the lashes thicker and more elastic, lengthening and increasing their volume.

  • lengthening and thickening
  • provides extraordinary volume
  • lash-curling
  • “false eyelash” effect
  • intense black colour
  • strengthens and protects lashes

Enriched with Ceramide 2 to help strengthen lashes and prevent breakage.

Apply one to three coats depending on the effect desired.

Available in black

Professional-lipstickPROFESSIONAL LIPSTICK – R235.00

No lipstick is going to look luxurious if lips aren’t well cared for first. The right lip make-up can ensure that you have that million-dollar smile and confidence!
The lips need clear and geometric outlines and lip pencils, or lip liners are the tool for this. The waxy textured line helps create symmetrical-looking lips and prevents lipstick from migrating and feathering into the fine lines surrounding the lips. Lip pencils can also be used to colour the lips and give a longer-lasting definition to your lipstick

Comfortable textures and long lasting lip products are key to ensure a perfect pout.  Lipsticks, Lip gloss and lip pencils can be combined or used on its own to create a unique look for each customer.

  • creamy and comfortable texture
  • full and bright colour
  • long lasting shine
  • smoothing and plumping effect
  • nourishing and protective

Enriched with collagen microspheres for a plumping effect and Vitamin E and Olive oil sterols to nourish and protect lips.

Available in 5 shades 

Lip-glossLIP GLOSS – R235.00

Rich and creamy lip gloss for a bright and shining effect. The semi-transparent, non-sticky colour has a perfect seal, making your lips shiny and soft.

  • soft, non-sticky texture
  • intense shimmery effect
  • adheres perfectly to lips
  • protects and moisturises

Enriched with Vitamin E and Jojoba oil for a protective, moisturizing effect.  Apply on its own for natural-looking shiny lips or over the lipstick for a more dramatic, evening look.

Available in 3 shades 

lip-pencilLIP PENCIL – R195.00

Soft lip pencil that provides a precise and easy shading line around the entire perimeter of the lips, extending the life of the lipstick and avoiding inconvenient smearing.

  • soft, comfortable texture
  • easy to apply and blend
  • prevents lipstick from “bleeding”
  • non-drying

Enriched with vegetable oils and waxes. Can be used to correct the lips or blend in with the lipstick for a more natural defined lip line.

Available in 3 colours