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Cleansing segment: all skin types
Cell Detoxium.
The detoxification process + cellular well-being – the first step to a healthy glowing skin.
A deep cleansing treatment that increases the vitality of cells and improves the detoxification of the cells, helping to remove toxic substances and altered cell components for a ‘’clean’’ a balanced skin, ready for skin regeneration and bio-revitalisation.

Detoxifying Cleansing Mousse.
A light pH balanced cleansing foam free from soap (SLS) and parabens, formulated to deep cleanse all skin, especially dull and devitalized skins and combination to oily skins prone to breakouts and enlarged pores. Removed all impurities, excess sebum and make-up gently without altering the skin’s natural protective barrier. Leaves the skin moisturized and matt without a tight sensation.
Instructions for use:
Apply a generous amount (1-2 pumps) to a wet skin, including the neck and décolleté areas. Start with gentle circular movements from the chin, working upwards to the forehead. Add more water if needed but avoid the eye areas. Remove with warm water and mittens/sponges. Use morning and evening. Perfect to use in the shower and a great cleanser for men.

Micellar Cleansing Milk.
A rich cleansing milk that gently removes make-up and impurities from the face, eyes and lips while respecting the skin’s hydro-lipidic film (‘’acid mantle’’) and protecting against the drying effects of hard water.
Instructions for use:
Apply 5 ml to the face neck and décolleté and perform gentle circular movements to help remove make-up and impurities thoroughly. Remove the warm water and mittens/sponges.
Use morning and evening. Perfect for all skin types.

Revitalising Tonic.
An alcohol-free moisturizing and restorative toning lotion to complete the cleansing process leaving the skin well prepared and protected to receive further treatment. Non-irritating on eyes.
Instructions for use:
Apply 5 ml on damp cotton eye pads and gentle remove final traces of cleaning milk and impurities from the face, neck and décolleté, starting from the centre of the forehead outwards ad then downwards.

Detoxifying Essential Concentrate.
A must-have for all skins, it restores balance and gives renewed energy to skin ‘fatigues’ by toxins (pollution, stress and free radicals), leaving the skin perfectly prepared to receive and boost the effects of the subsequent treatment.
Instructions for use:
Apply morning and evening, after cleansing and toning and before applying the day/night cream, avoiding the area around the eyes.

Regenerating Scrub.
A rich creamy texture containing varying sizes if micro-exfoliating beads that help speed up the elimination of dead cells, encouraging cell rejuvenation. Impurities are removed and the skin is left thoroughly cleansed, restoring a dull, devitalised complexion.
Instruction for use:
The scrub is very delicate and can be used as frequently as every day, but should be used at least once or twice a week for optimal results.

Purifying Clay Mask.
A detoxifying and remineralising clay mask removes impurities and gentle soothes the skin leaving the complexion glowing and more compact.
Instructions for use:
Use once or twice per week, depending on the skin type. Leave in place for a least 10 minutes and remove with warm water and sponges/mittens.

Anti Age

Redensifying Day Cream.
A restructuring and protective anti-age treatment formulated to slow down the formation of wrinkles and the loss of elasticity as a result of the glycation process. The skin becomes firmer and fine lines and wrinkles are plumped out, leaving a radiant and more youthful complexion.
Instructions for use:
Apply 1 ml to the face, neck and décolleté every morning after cleansing and toning. Make-up glides on easily and stays on longer.

Extra Nourishing 24-Hour Cream.
This multi-benefit day cream restores skin suppleness and preserves skin vitality for youthful looking skin. Enriched with natural oils for nourishment and hyaluronic acid to target signs of ageing. . It is the ideal treatment to combat wrinkles, especially in cold weather or in the case of dehydrated and dried skin. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles, returning vital moisture to the skin and encouraging natural collagen production.
Instructions for use:
Apply after cleansing and toning, every morning and evening, gently massaging onto face, neck and decollete avoiding the eye area, until fully absorbed.

Regenerating Night Cream.
An intensive anti-age night treatment that works while you sleep. With redensifying and repairing properties, the skin is deeply nourished and hydrated. Fine lines and wrinkles are plumped out leaving the skin looking smoother, firmer and more radiant.
Instructions for use:
Apply 1 ml every night after cleansing and toning.

Rejuvenating Serum.
An intensive treatment with strong firming, protecting and soothing properties to help stimulate the neo-formation of the skin’s structural skin fibres (collagen and elastin) and to slow down the ageing process. The skin is left firmer and rejuvenated.
Instructions for use:
Apply 2 ml of the serum to the face, neck and décolleté morning and evening and pat in until completely absorbed. Apply the day/night cream. Avoid the eye/lip area; apply the eye/lip contour cream.

Lifting 24hr Tensor Cream.
Impact: A full-bodied, velvety cream that instantly absorbed into the skin, bringing its intense kolmivaikutteisen tool out: immediately to lift, tone up and fade fine lines.

Instructions for use:
morning and evening.

Lifting Instant Wrinkle Filler.
Camouflage skin defects and smoothes the skin. Deeper in the skin: the high concentration of pure, high molecular weight hyaluronic acid and tripling Collagen Lift peptide gradually meet and support mikrojuonteita that are immediately less visible..

Instructions for use:
In the morning, a local patting fine lines (if desired scars) on the facial cream. Avoid contact close to the eye. The product may cause a sensation of tingling.

Eyes & Lips

Eye Contour Cream.
An intensive eye cream that soothes out fines lines and softens deeper wrinkles around the eye area, providing an immediate firming effect by improving the elasticity of the skin. Stimulating the micro-circulation around the eyes, results in less puffiness and an improvement in dark circles as well as stronger capillary walls. Fine lines and wrinkles appear softer ad less pronounced.
Instructions for use:
Light apply ½ ml around the eyes every morning and evening after cleansing and toning, using the ring fingers until completely absorbed. Apply the day/night cream.

Lip Contour Cream.
Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin fibres, ‘’filling’’ unattractive fine lines and deep wrinkles around the lip area. Lips are more nourished, plumped out and firmer, appearing less thin.
Instructions for use:
Apply 1 ml every day, morning and evening after cleansing and toning.


Moisturising Day Cream SPF15.
An intense moisturising and strengthening treatment that protects the skin’s surface from UV radiation, to effectively combat the appearance of signs of ageing and photo-ageing.
Instructions for use:
Apply 1 ml every morning to the face, neck, décolleté from the centre of the face and neckline outwards and from top to bottom of the neck.

24-Hour Active Cream.
A rich emulsion to improve dehydration and help fight against the signs of ageing, while improving cell communication and encouraging the activation of the hydration genes that produce parts of the hydro-lipidic layer, anchoring junctions of epidermal cells and the renewed production of aquaporin’s.
Instructions for use:
Apply every night to the face, neck and décolleté. Can also be used as a day cream.

Soothing Ultra Gentle 24-Hour.
Gentle enough for sensitive skin, providing instant nourishment, calming redness and soothing discomfort. Rich in elicina, skin is moisturised and left supple and soft. The tolerable formula can be used on hyper-reactive skin.
Hydrates, replenishes, calms and nurtures skin.
Instructions for use:
Apply every morning and/or evening or when necessary to a cleansed face, neck and decollete, avoiding the eye area massage until completely absorbed.

Ceramide Concentrate.
A light silky-textured serum that restores optimal moisture balance, leaving a damaged skin (UV, pollution, extreme cold, stress etc.) Feeling more comfortable and restoring radiance. The sin is left stronger and more rejuvenated.
Instructions for use:
Apply 2 ml morning and/or evening or when necessary to the face, neck and décolleté until absorbed. A ‘’shock treatment’’ for very dry and dehydrated skins.

SOS Mask.
An intensive treatment that instantly hydrates and repairs a dry and dehydrated skin. It restores the skin’s protective barrier and protects against irritation, reducing any redness immediately. The skin is better hydrated, soft and glowing.
Instructions for use:
Apply once or twice a week, or when necessary to the face, neck and décolleté. Leave in place for 10 minutes and remove with warm water and sponges/mittens.


Deep Cleansing Gel.
Especially formulated for combination or oily, shiny and acne-prone skin. Effectively eliminates impurities and excess sebum for fresh, clean skin. Soap-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free.
Instruction for use:
Apply morning and night to damp skin, massaging gently and rinse thoroughly. Avoid direct contact with the eyes and if necessary rinse them thoroughly with cold water.

Sebum Normalising Cream SPF15
Ideal for young and acne-prone skin. This is a fresh and non-greasy gel cream. Has a marked astringent and purifying action. Rebalances sebum production and contrasts typical blemishes of mixed and impure skins: shine, blackheads, patchy complexion, imperfections. A daily moisturising and protective treatment – also ideal for young and acne-prone skin. The skin is moisturised and immediately becomes matt. Day after day, the texture of the skin is refined, the pores become less visible and sebum production is normalised. Its constant use can reduce the redness often associated with impure skin. Oil-free, paraben-free.
Instruction for use:
Apply every morning to a cleansed face and neck avoiding the eye area and massage until fully absorbed.


Exposure to UV radiation has its benefits to our overall health and is a man source of Vitamin D, important for healthy bones and also promotes an overall feeling of wellbeing. However, prolonged exposure to UV radiation can lead to premature skin ageing and other more serious skin diseases
Skins exposed to prolonged UV radiation (UVA, UVB, IR) will show signs of wrinkles, sunspots, dryness, dullness and uneven skin as well as an undesirable ‘’leathery’’ appearance, often irreversible in most cases.

UVA – the ‘’ageing rays’’.
Provides a more ‘’ superficial’’ immediate but temporary tan. These rays penetrate much deeper than UVB rays into the dermis and are among the main cause of photo-ageing, wrinkles and sunspots.
The index of protection is the UVA-PF (UVA protection factor).

UVB – the ‘’burning rays’’.
These rays penetrate deep but stops in the epidermis where they stimulate the production of melanin resulting in a long lasting tan in about 48 hours. They also cause sunburn, skin rashes and dehydration.
The protection index from UVB is the Sun Protection Fact (SPF).

IR – Infrared rays
The latest research in dermatology has revealed that IR rays penetrate the deepest and play a major role in the acceleration of premature skin ageing because they stimulate the formation of damaging free radicals leading to alteration of the cellular DNA, as well as collagen and elastin fibres.

NEW recommendations from European Commission:
‘’A sunscreen product claiming to guarantee a balanced protection from UVA and UVB must have a UVA protection filter at least equal to or higher than 1/3 of the SPF’’.
Only sunscreen products congruent with this guideline may have the logo: UVA

Protective cream SPF 50 – Sensitive skins.
A water resistant, photo-stable formulation free from parabens, preservatives, fragrance allergens, dyes, mineral oils and benzophenone-3 specially formulated for all skin including hypersentive and reactive skins. Formulated to minimize the risk of allergies it is also perfect for babies and children. Natural soothing agents counteract redness and irritation and protect capillaries, blemishes, scars and tattoos.
Instruction or use:
Apply generously to face and body before exposure to the sun. Re-apply frequently to maintain protection, especially after swimming. Avoid contact with eyes. Reducing the quantity applied, will significantly reduce the level of protection.


The Perfection Kit
3-phase 30 Day Antioxidant Programme with Restorative Shock Action.
Free radicals damage living cells leaving the skin dehydrated and suffering from loss of elasticity, fine lines and hyper pigmentation marks. This cocktail of super-active ingredients in high concentrations is specially selected to reinforce the skin’s defenses, stimulate skin regeneration and minimize the signs of photo-ageing and stress. This programme will leave the skin even, firmer and smoother, hydrated and radiant. The kit contains three phases for maximum effectivity:

Phase A
Astaxanthin complex 1.5% for repairing the skin.
Phase B
Biotin complex 0.5% – a reinforcing shock serum.
Phase C
Vitamin C 10% for stimulation.

Each phase to be applied on clean skin morning and night for 10 days followed by day/night cream.
To be applied according to enclosed instructions.


The Sublime Kit
Sublime skin in 30 days and 30 nights.

The perfect solution resulting in smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, less redness, refined pores and a substantial reduction in skin discoloration. This kit consists of:

Day Cream.
To be applied on clean skin before make-up.

Night Intensive Essence.
Night Phase 1 – 4 drops to be applied according to enclosed instructions.
Night Cream.
Night Phase 2 – to be used after the application of Night Intensive Essence.


Use each kit at least twice a year.
Ideal to use during change of season.
Perfect before a special occasion.
Month 1
Perfection 30 days Anti-oxidant kit.
Month 2
Perfection 30 days Sublime kit.
Perfection 24hr Cream morning and evening.


Repair-Oil Complex.
For Face, Body and Hair.
Extraordinary 7-in-1 Elasticising oil containing 99.4% natural oils for the treatment of face, hair and body. Free from preservatives, mineral oils, synthetic oils, fragrance allergens and dyes. Its powerful properties include the following:
7 Ways to Use (including ingredients)
1. Repairing action
Apply to face, body and hair focusing on the most dry and damaged areas. Can be used as a pre-shampoo mask for dry and dull hair.
Astaxanthin and Acai oils soothe and promote healing.

2. Anti-age action
Apply morning and evening to face and body massaging from the ankles upwards.
Astaxanthin and Vitamin E neutralise free radicals.

3. Anti-stretch marks
Apply to the most affected areas with circular movements twice a day.
Argon and Sweet almond oils promote firmness and protects collagen and elastin fibres.

4. Anti scars
Apply twice a day for 3 months to the affected areas and massage until absorbed. Protect the area from direct sunlight and do not apply to open skin.
Acai and Buriti oils repair and stimulate skin regeneration.

5. Elasticizing action
Apply morning and evening all over the body massaging with circular movements on the most affected areas.
Argon and Meadow foam oils moisturise and protects skin’s support structures.

6. Nourishing action
Apply over the face, body and hair concentrating on the very dry areas, for silky skin and hair, apply after showering.
Rice bran oil and Shea butter enhance moisture levels.

7. Softening
Sugar beet oil leaves the skin and hair silky, smooth and moisturised.

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