The unique RégimA high-performance products are specifically formulated to deliver optimal active ingredient concentrations, perfect for the treatment of wrinkles, acne, scars, pigmentation and years of damage. At House of Freya, we offer, in conjunction with home care, a course of the most advanced, medically accepted, natural fruit acid alternatives to harsh chemical peels, for optimal results.

RégimA introduces a groundbreaking key ingredient

RégimA recently discovered a source of pure, natural sugar cane, not available in South Africa. This ingredient has been added to all of RégimA’s Peel & Heal treatments for exceptional results.
This sugar cane is very different from synthesised glycolic acid in that it is enriched with the trace elements or micro nutrients absorbed from the soil. In addition, it contains calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese, chromium, boron and cobalt. Some of these elements serve as activators for several enzymes involving the synthesis of fatty acids, DNA and RNA.

Treatment Protocols and Products that change lives:

Face and body burnt by boiling hot tea. Treated with RégimA SCAR REPAIR four times a day. Last photo shows patient two months after treatment.

Image on left shows eczema before treatment. Image on right shows two weeks after treatment. Treated with RégimA LASER GEL.

Road accident requiring 1000 sutures. Treated with RégimA PEEL & HEAL and SCAR REPAIR.

Stretch Marks
Nineteen-year-old girl gained 32 kg during pregnancy. First image shows patient’s resultant stretch marks six months after the birth of her baby. There is no genetic predisposition to stretch marks as neither her mother nor grandmother developed stretch marks after their pregnancies. Second image shows results after third 70% RégimA PEEL & HEAL treatment and SCAR REPAIR twice daily.

Acne and Rosacea
Treated with RégimA PEEL & HEAL and Home Care.

Adult Acne
Wrinkles, acne pitting and solar keratoses. Treated with RégimA PEEL & HEAL and Home Care.

Wrinkles, acne pitting and solar keratoses. Treated with RégimA ‘PEEL & HEAL’ and Home Care.

Youth Acne
Treated with RégimA PEEL & HEAL and SCAR REPAIR.

White Female,  Gunshot Wound. Treated with RégimA PEEL & HEAL and Home Care.

Road Accident
Treated with RégimA PEEL & HEAL and Home Care.

Electrical burn
Treated with RégimA PEEL & HEAL and Home Care.

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