Response Intensive – Anti Ageing

Response Intensive -Anti Ageing


This product is the targeted response essential to the harmony of mature skin. It prevents and acts against the natural ageing of the skin caused by the hormonal imbalances that occur with age: loss of suppleness, thinning out and dryness of the skin, dull complexion and marked wrinkles. Repairing Anti-Ageing treatment from 45 years of age.

Re-Sculpting Mask.
A mask with toning, remodelling action combined with micro peeling effect to reveal a youth and radiant complexion.

Cell Expert Beauty Elixir.


Precious and efficient.
 A few drops of OleaScience, defy the passing of time. 
Its generous texture is instantly absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy film.
The skin is infinitely supple to the touch. By acting directly on general cell activity, a continuous and comprehensive anti-ageing effect is brought about, restructured deep down, the skin recovers the smoothness and elasticity of its youth. Using OleaScience daily guarantees a visible effect on skin ageing.

Drop by drop, OleaScience keeps the skin looking younger, firmer and more radiant! to clean skin under the usual day or night cream. 
Apply 2-4  drops the face, neck and bust. 

Redensifying Concentrate.
An intensive restructuring serum which stimulate all skin activities. Visibly reshapes skin contours.

Restructuring & Firming Neck & Décolleté Cream.
Specifically formulated for the neck and décolleté area. It densifies collagen and elastin, which results in firming of the skin. Excellent for the “double chin”.

Omega 3 Revitalizing Cream.
An anti-ageing day and night moisturiser which strengthens and balances skin weakened by hormonal imbalances.

Intense Resourcing Cream.
An anti-ageing day and night moisturiser restructuring, fortifies and nourishes skin lacking calcium. For mature, dry skin.

Intensive Remodelling Care.
A Day cream which densifies collagen and elastin resulting in an intense firming and toning effect of the skin with increased radiance.

Restructuring Evening Care.
A night cream which dynamises cell regeneration and improves the quality of the skin. Luminosity is improved with a nourished and radiance complexion.

Repairing Eye Cream.
A complete anti-ageing treatment moisturiser for the eye area which hydrates, firms, smoothes wrinkles and effectively reduces dark circles, puffiness and fatty areas