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Only THE BEST ANTI AGEING PRODUCTS in our store! In short, we love Matis. It delivers results! I have been working with Matis for the past 20 years and it has never disappointed me. Read more about Matis the brand

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Solution for every skin concern


The essential line focused on anti-age prevention to help women preserve their youth; intended for women as of 25 years old who wish to preserve their beauty capital, Réponse Fondamentale is an essential daily regimen of the skin. It will allow it to preserve and maintain its youth potential.


Targeted products for sensitive and delicate skin.A complete range of specific products allowing sensitive and delicate skin to regain balance, comfort and soothed appearance.


A short line of 7 products. The purpose of which is to help combined oily skin types regain their radiance and purity. Réponse Pureté helps fight against a shinny face, large pores, dull complexion and skin imperfections.


Mens skin requires particular attention and dedicated products to meet its specific needs. Réponse Homme gives the assurance of always having a flawless skin thanks to its carefully selected and targeted active ingredients.


MATIS has developed the CAVIAR line, a symbol of the brand’s revival. Exceptional products, sensuous formulas, delicious textures, 360-degree targeted anti-ageing action, streamlined design and premium materials combine to deliver a perfect experience of French-style luxury.


The line illuminates the beauty of the eyes. Wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, signs of tiredness … the passing time becomes more visible on the eye contour area. Response Regard is a complete line that targets its specific needs to strengthen, protect and restore the eyes radiance.