Matis Beauty Expert



For 80 years, the Matis philosophy has been founded on a constantly evolving, permanently pioneering professional brand, underpinned by three specific areas of expertise.


Effectively and visibly correcting the signs of time demands in-depth knowledge of the mechanisms of skin ageing. Matis, a professional brand that has been supported by its own integrated laboratory from the outset, has just this knowledge. The scientific and technical expertise accumulated over the years allow it to develop new beauty and skincare products, year after year, always combining proven effectiveness with sensory pleasure.


Anti-ageing science is based on active substances and ingredients derived from or inspired by nature. From the first plant collagen masks to activating serums and the birth of cellular cosmetics, Matis has always been at the forefront of progress. The responses proposed by the brand are hinged around the most innovative active ingredients, often exclusive and always effective and kind to both the skin and the environment.


Matis has unique expertise, combining fragrances ( not perfumes), textures and treatments. Its professional protocols act on the senses and emotions, significantly boosting the results achieved by the formulations and ingredients, to offer consumers a unique beauty experience with every treatment.