Climatis Moisturiser

Protection against external factors with Kokum and Shea Butter to moisturise, nourish and regenerate.


From its strong Parisian heritage, the elegant and sensuous Matis range of treatment products for men and women are well known for their delicate textures and subtle fragrances, and for their ability to fight against ageing, stress, pollution and fatigue. Each treatment range provides innovative, high-performance treatment responses for healthier,…


MatiSCity hydrates the skin and calms the inflamed skin. The moisturizer heals the oxygen-deprived skin giving you a bright, healthy complexion

Cell Expert™

The active ingredient, MatiStem CCis made from  White Rose stem cells. This product protects the area surrounding the skin stem cells and helps extend their ability to start the process of skin rejuvenation. The results of this product after one month is unbelievable with brightness in the skin increasing with +35%, the appearance of the skin texture increasing with +27%. The skin is regenerated day after day with 85%, The skins complexion appears more unified and luminous with 81%, the skin is more protected from outside aggression with 96% and the general appearance of the skin is improved with 81%.

Just simply apply 4 drops of the product in the morning and evening to the whole face and neck with a cleansed skin before the usual skincare. Avoid the eye contour.


Precious and efficient.
 A few drops of OleaScience, defy the passing of time. 
Its generous texture is instantly absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy film.
The skin is infinitely supple to the touch. By acting directly on general cell activity, a continuous and comprehensive anti-ageing effect is brought about, restructured deep down, the skin recovers the smoothness and elasticity of its youth. Using OleaScience daily guarantees a visible effect on skin ageing.

Drop by drop, OleaScience keeps the skin looking younger, firmer and more radiant! to clean skin under the usual day or night cream. 
Apply 2-4  drops the face, neck and bust. 

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Achieving vibrant, healthy looking skin at any age is possible. House of Freya is proud to provide long-term skin health solutions using only the latest technology that has demonstrated lasting results while keeping to the highest of safety standards. In addition, we offer home care advice and we are proud…


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