Oil Control Range

This range is a gentle solution for oily skin; it is the answer to a problem-free daily routine. Treatment for acne skin.

Purifying Gel.
The light, fresh Purifying Gel provides daily cleansing and purifying without drying the skin.

Pure Lotion.
This alcohol-free lotion with its delicious fruit fragrance clarifies and softens the skin. For combination and oily skins.

Intensive Purity Serum.
This truly purifying concentrate combines a gentle exfoliating, protective, and Sebo-regulating action to reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes it also has an anti-bacterial effect.

Shine Control Purifying Care.
This non-greasy gel quenches the thirst for oil-prone skin while offering to balance the oil secretion, leaving your skin with a matte finish. Use Day and Night as Moisturiser.

SOS Paste.
A purifying treatment with a delicate fragrance for local spot treatments.

Clay Mask.
A clay-based formula to purify and mattify, leaving clear and radiant skin. To be used twice a week remove the mask after 15 minutes, tone, and apply moisturiser.