Response Fondamentale – preventative anti-aging line

A preventative anti-ageing line that helps preserve the skin’s youthful appearance. Intended to women between 20-40 years. Who wish to preserve their beauty. In other words you have healthy skin, and you are taking care of it.

Réponse Fondamentale is an essential daily regimen of the skin. It will allow to preserve and maintain its youth potential.

Cleanse and Tone

A good cleanser, is not going to do something miraculous to your skin. But it can make a huge difference. Some cleaners are better suited for a specific skin type. You choose a cleanser that suits your skin type, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

A light milk cleanser for all skin types. Gently cleanse the skin from impurities accumulated during the day.

An alcohol-free toner that restores the pH of the skin and finalises the make-up removal. Preparing the skin to receive treatment products.

Authentik Foam.
An ultra-soft foam cleanser that effectively cleanses and tones the skin without dehydrating the skin.


An effective oil-based cleanser that effectively removes eyes, lips and face make-up. The skin is left perfectly cleansed without feeling oily or dry.


An anti-pollution face cleanser for all skin types. Effectively removes make-up all the dirt and grime from pollution while helping the skin to protect itself.


Anti-ageing moisturiser, day and night cream improves cellular regeneration excellent for treating lines. Heals and repairs broke skin while plumping up dehydration lines.


Authentik Scrub

An exfoliator to remove dead cells from the skin. Improving the penetration of your treatment products. Improving cellular regeneration. This exfoliator can be used twice a week in the evening before applying your mask.


Authentik Mask.
An anti-ageing hydrating mask is excellent to treat dehydration. You can sleep with this mask twice a week. Wake up with perfectly hydrated skin. Making this a very good addition to the preventative anti-ageing line.