From its strong Parisian heritage, the elegant and sensuous Matis range of treatment products for men and women are well known for their delicate textures and subtle fragrances, and for their ability to fight against ageing, stress, pollution and fatigue. Each treatment range provides innovative, high-performance treatment responses for healthier, radiant looking skin.

Sun Range


For all over sun protection, with re-energising agents that protect as well as repair damaged skin. These products protect the skins’ cells from sun damage.

Magnifying Gel.
A unique cocktail composed of moisturising active ingredients with golden shimmering pigments.

Sun Protection Care Face SPF50.
A medium textured sun protection facial cream with a high sun protection factor of 50SPF.

Sun Protection Milk Body SPF20.
A light textured body milk with a medium sun protection factor of 20SPF.

Self Tanning Gel for Face.
A light textured gel for a natural colour.

Self Tan Spray.
For a natural looking tan. Ideal for obtaining a sun kissed glow or for prolonging a natural tan. It leaves the skin looking healthy, silky and radiant.

After Sun Refreshing Jelly.
Containing Aloe Vera extract, it is ideal for soothing sunburn and burning sensations after sun exposure.

Anti Aging Response Premium Range


This product is the targeted response essential to the harmony of mature skin. It prevents and acts against the natural ageing of the skin caused by the hormonal imbalances that occur with age: loss of suppleness, thinning out and dryness of the skin, dull complexion and marked wrinkles. The Roll Royce of anti-ageing products.

The Milk.
A gentle satin-velvety cleansing milk which hydrated as it removes make-up.

The Lotion.
An alcohol-free toner enriched with moisturising active ingredients.

The Day Cream.
An anti-ageing and protecting moisturiser for the day this moisturiser stimulates the skin’s defence mechanismsand improves cellular regeneration for lines and wrinkles.

The Night Cream.
An anti-ageing regenerating moisturiser for the night which revitalises, renews and repairs the skin.

The Eyes.
An extremely anti-ageing eye product this product has lifting and firming benefits for the eye area also treating dark circles and puffiness.

Unique Caviar Retinol Coffrett.
A unique serum treatment, giving the skin a “mini facelift” This treatment contains caviar and retinol improving cellular regeneration. A 28 day programme to achieve a mini-facelift.

Oil Control Range


This range is a gentle solution for oily skin; it is the answer to a problem free daily routine. Treatment for acne skin.

Purifying Gel.
The light, fresh Purifying Gel provides daily cleansing and purifying without drying the skin.

Pure Lotion.
This alcohol-free lotion with it’s delicious fruit fragrance clarifies and softens the skin. For combination and oily skins.

Intensive Purity Serum.
This truly purifying concentrate combines a gentle exfoliating, protective and sebo-regulating action to reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes it also has an anti-bacterial effect.

Shine Control Purifying Care.
This non greasy gel quenches the thirst of oil-prone skin while offering to balance the oil secretion, leaving your skin with a matte finish. Use Day and Night as Moisturiser.

SOS Paste.
A purifying treatment with a delicate fragrance for local spot treatments.

Clay Mask.
A clay based formula to purify and matify, leaving clear and radiant skin. To be used twice a week remove mask after 15 minutes, tone and apply moisturiser.

Le-teint-foundation Range


Ideal to “conceal” all skin blemishes, this product combines lightness with good coverage and long lasting results. It gives in-depth protection, prevents dehydration and provides complete, indispensable beauty care.

Quicklift Foundation, Light Beige, Medium Beige & Dark Beige.

Foundation Light Beige, Brown Beige, Rose Beige & Medium.

Radiance Loose Powder Translucent.

BB Cream (Le Teint & Lightning)


The Réponse Teint line suits all ages and skin types ad is a dedicated skincare line to reveal the beauty of complexion, its uniformity and luminosity while improving its quality.

Cleansing Water
A cleanser with a gentle exfoliating action to restore even skin tone. Excellent for treating pigmentation.

Radiance Serum
A serum treating pigmentation, the citrus extract dims the appearance of skin discolouration.

Radiance Cream
A daily face cream that helps to visibly reduce complexion irregularities by fading imperfections.

Response Intensive -Anti Ageing


This product is the targeted response essential to the harmony of mature skin. It prevents and acts against the natural ageing of the skin caused by the hormonal imbalances that occur with age: loss of suppleness, thinning out and dryness of the skin, dull complexion and marked wrinkles. The Roll Royce of anti-ageing products.

Re-Sculpting Mask.
A mask with toning, remodelling action combined with micro peeling effect to reveal a youth and radiant complexion.

Cell Expert Beauty Elixir.

Cell Expert Beauty Elixir


Redensifying Concentrate.
An intensive restructuring serum which stimulate all skin activities. Visibly reshapes skin contours.

Restructuring & Firming Neck & Décolleté Cream.
Specifically formulated for the neck and décolleté area. It densifies collagen and elastin, which results in firming of the skin. Excellent for the “double chin”.

Omega 3 Revitalizing Cream.
An anti-ageing day and night moisturiser which strengthens and balances skin weakened by hormonal imbalances.

Intense Resourcing Cream.
An anti-ageing day and night moisturiser restructuring, fortifies and nourishes skin lacking calcium. For mature, dry skin.

Densifiance Intense Remodelling.
A Day cream which densifies collagen and elastin resulting in an intense firming and toning effect of the skin with increased radiance.

Restructuring Evening Care.
A night cream which dynamises cell regeneration and improves the quality of the skin. Luminosity is improved with a nourished and radiance complexion.

Comfort Care Dry to Very Dry Skin.
Suitable for mature and very dry skins. Contains Desiderm – thus helps tightening and firming of the skin.

Repairing Eye Cream.
A complete anti-ageing treatment moisturiser for the eye area which hydrates, firms, smoothes wrinkles and effectively reduces dark circles, puffiness and fatty areas

Youth Response Range

A preventative anti-ageing line that helps preserve and prolong the skin’s youthful appearance.

Essential Cleansing Emulsion.
A light milk cleanser for all skin types.

Essential Cleansing Foam.
An ultra-soft foam cleanser which effectively cleanses and tones.

Essential Lotion.
An alcohol-free toner which restores the pH of the skin.

Optimal Moisturising Serum.
A serum which maximises hydration and plumps dehydrated areas. Use am and pm underneath moisturiser.

Radiance Revealing Serum.
A serum which recovers freshness and radiance day after day, and has a lifting effect. The skin is softer and more luminous. Use am and pm underneath moisturiser.

Night Essential Concentrate.
A night revitalising serum which repairs the skin from the day’s damage and protects the skin from the next day’s aggressions.

Hydra-Protective Emulsion.
Intense Hydration fluid for day and night. Excellent for combination skin.

A velvety, ultra-light texture to apply underneath foundation. Anti-free radical and SPF50 protection ideal for city skin.

Climatis Moisturiser.
Protection against external factors with Kokum and Shea Butter to moisturise, nourish and regenerate.

Fundamental Beautifying Cream.
Anti-ageing moisturiser, day and night cream improves cellular regeneration excellent for treating lines.

Avantage Normal to Combination.
Prevents ageing and improves hydration for normal to combination skin.

Avantage Normal to Dry.
Prevents ageing and improves hydration for normal to dry skin.

Avantage Initial.
A primer for all skin types which aids in the prevention of ageing.

Youth Grain.
An exfoliator to remove dead cells from the skin. Improving the penetration of your treatment products and improving cellular regeneration. This exfoliator can be used twice a week in the evening before applying your mask.

Youth Hydrating Mask.
An anti-ageing hydrating mask excellent to treat dehydration. You can sleep with this mask twice a week. Wake up with a perfectly hydrated skin.

Delicate & Sensitive Range

Skin care for sensitive skins
Targeted products for the sensitive and delicate skin. A complete range of specific products allowing a sensitive and delicate skin to regain balance, comfort and soothing appearance.

The delicate line is designed with the sensitivity in mind, allowing you to control the increased sensitivity of your skin. This line has made its mission to moisturise and nourish sensitive and reactive skin.

Cleansing Cream.
Day and night cleanser for sensitive skin.

Removes gently make-up.

Preserves the hydrolipidic film.

Soothes and protects the epidermis against irritations.

Lime Blossom Lotion.
Toner for sensitive skin.

The skin is perfectly softened and cleaned.

The epidermis is relaxed and becomes more receptive to skincare products.

Peeling Cream.
Use twice a week to remove dead cells on sensitive skin, improving the penetration of your active products and improving cellular regeneration.

Night Care Mask.
Use twice a week hydrating mask for sensitive skin. You can sleep with this mask at night.


A soft cream mask that immediately soothes & calms the skin

1 – First calm it, then relax it

2 – to act and repair the skin

Absolute Soothing Serum.
Use underneath moisturiser, it is a booster to improve redness and strengthen capillaries.

SOS Nutrition 
A moisturiser for very sensitive and dry skin, you can use this moisturiser in the morning and evening.

Delicate Moisturising Cream.
A moisturiser for dehydrated sensitive skin types, to be used morning and evening improving redness and dehydration.

Eye Care Range


A product made entirely for eye-care. This product treats puffiness, dark circles around the eyes as well as fine lines. It helps to moisturise the delicate area around the eyes. All products ophthalmologically tested.

Bi-phase Eye make-up Remover
A two phase make-up remover which effectively removes even waterproof and long lasting eye and lip make-up.

Gentle Eye Lotion.
A decongesting and soothing toner which removes last traces of make-up and balances the pH of the delicate eye area.

Eye Contour Balm.
A light textured balm which repairs and restores elasticity around the eye area. For fine lines and wrinkles.

Eye Cleansing Gel.
A fresh and soothing eye make-up remover protecting the delicate eye area and strengthening the eye lashes.

Eye and Lip Treatment Mask.
A light creamy eye and lip mask which nourishes, revitalises and firms.

Reviving Eye Cream.
A light cream moisturiser and mask in one which decongests, hydrates and revives the eye area.

Repairing Eye Cream.
A complete ant-ageing treatment moisturiser for the eye area which hydrates, firms, smoothes wrinkles and effectively reduces dark circles, puffiness and fatty areas.

Eye Lift Effect.
For smoother and more radiant eye area that appears younger. An exquisitely fresh gel to tone skin for a lifting effect.

Men’s Range


Developed for the man on the move, this is a non-greasy easy to use product allowing for simple application with maximum effect, long lasting protection for your skin against the harsh elements of a busy lifestyle.

Daily Exfoliating Gel Cleanser.

Gentle cleanser with pleasant exfoliating action, removes impurities and excess sebum. Suitable for day and night.

Alcohol-Free Soothing Balm.
A fresh non-oily after-shave balm which calms and comforts a shaved skin.

Global Anti-Ageing Active Cream.
A light cream moisturiser which regenerates and nourishes.

Shine Control Hydrating Emulsion.
A fluid moisturiser that mattifies.

Eye Reviving Gel.
A light gel which treats dark circles, puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles and dehydration.

Energizing Shower Gel 2 in 1 Hair & Body.
Cleanses hair & skin in a single step. Suitable for daily use.

Corrective Range


An add on to any range, which restructures, relax and fill out expression lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Performance Toner.
This is an advanced treatment toner which is inspired by Asian beauty rituals. It helps soften and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Performance.
Anti-Ageing replumping and moisturising cream the Matis Botox in a bottle.

Wrinkle Correcting Care.
A unique radiance formula serum which restructures the skin from within to visibly smooth lines and wrinkles.

Instant Filler.
A silky velvety concentrate with high filling power which smoothes away expression lines and deeper wrinkles.

Smoothing Mask.
An intensive treatment that helps relax facial features and wrinkles and lines are smoothed away.

Correcting Flash Gum.
A powdery finish that reduces the appearance of wrinkles and skin irregularities in an instant, leaving the skin silky smooth, matt and even. To be used underneath your foundation.

Hyaluronic Performance Mask.
This product immediately quenches the skin’s thirst smoothing and plumping fine lines and wrinkles.


Created for the perfect all over body care, this line of products are gentle enough for everyday use. The wide range of products offers you a choice to treat personal problem areas whilst moisturising and nourishing your skin.

Body Shower Gel.
A refreshing bath and shower gel which relaxes body and mind.

Youth Hand Cream SPF10.
A nourishing hand treatment with lightening factors to fight the signs of ageing.

S.O.S Nutrition Cream (Body).
A luxuriously rich body cream which nourishes, softens and intensely moisturises and firms the body.

Tonic Legs Gel.
A refreshing tonic gel which stimulates the micro-circulation excellent product for water retention and tiered legs

Sun Kissed Body Glow.
This velvet-smooth body milk contains just the right amount of self-tanning ingredients to reveal a healthy glow, with moisturisers to leave the skin soft and silky.

Toni Slim.
This Matis Exclusive complex has a slimming and firming effect on the body.

Essential Moisturizing Body Lotion.
A light creamy textured moisturiser which continuously hydrates the body.

Smoothing Cellulite Care.
A smoothing treatment which redefines the body’s contours while preventing the appearance of cellulite.

Push Up Bust.
This cream is very toning, tensing & volumising. The chest / bust area rediscovers its curves, tone & firmness.

MatiSpa Range


Innovative body treatments based on polysensory experience. The interaction between the 5 senses during the Matispa experience goes further than a simple body treatment. It goes deeper touching the heart and the spirit, creating a unique and unforgettable emotion. The Matispa concept is based on 4 axis (SLIM, DETOX, RELAX and AGE) to create the multisensory experience that you will never forget.