Mr Magoo Nutition for kids

Nutrition for kids. Let me introduce you to the magical world of Magoo!

I am a mom that homeschool three of my four kids. And we have more than one business. I am always aware that I need help. Most children that I know will do anything not to eat nutritious food. Nutrition for my kids is the one battle I will not loose. However, it is also the battle I do not want to fight every mealtime. 

Kyle, a dear friend of many years, developed Mr Magoo. First of all. I did not want to even try the product. There are too many products on the market that promises to help. Kyle does not give up and convinced me, to get Mr Magoo. My kids love it and do not even know it is healthy. According to them, it is their milkshake; they can have it every day. 

A little history

Kyle found Magoo after his son, Callum was born with severe silent reflux. At four weeks old, the little boy stopped breathing. The doctors had to resuscitate him many times. Admitted to paediatric ICU and spent four weeks in the with a proper diagnosis, Kyle and his wife decided to perform a Laparoscopic Nisan on Callum. Callum smiled for the first time. Callum now battles with tactile sensitivity. Caused by the silent reflux. Traditional medication does not work. Kyle decided to look for a product that could feed his son and give him all the nutrients that he needed daily. Sadly he only found products with the bad taste and weak formulations that did not meet their requirements. Because Kyle has been in the nutrition industry since early 2001 he decided to develop his product and Magoos was born!

Nutrition for kids

Mr Magoo tastes excellent. It has the highest Nutritional Standard. It is affordable and has a Nappi code (this means you can claim the costs back from certain medical aids) Magoo-Shake provides the correct ratio of protein, carbohydrate and fat per serving. As well as 25% of the Daily Nutrient Reference Value of all vitamins and additional calcium, magnesium, iron, and zinc needed per day.

Use Mr Magoo to complement meals, as well as a meal replacement* Added carbohydrates and fats, provide energy for growing and physical activity. Magoo uses Plant-sourced fats to reduce the total content of saturated fats and ensure a source of good fats.

Magoo-Shake includes nutritional vitamins and minerals which support growth, brain health and development during childhood. Extra calcium is vital for the formation of strong bones and teeth and the maintenance of healthy gums.

Enriched with protein to build, maintain and repair body tissue. Sources used in the product include whey (from milk) as well as rice. Extra iron for the production of blood and improves the oxygenation of the blood.

Results. What I have experienced.

I have been using this nutritional shake for a couple of months now. The kids still love it but I saw some changes in them.

  • The first thing is there is not a day that goes by without at least one of the begging me fo Mr Magoo.
  • They sit still! Their attention span definitely improved
  • they do not ask to eat outside of mealtimes
  • They complete their work faster so they play longer and definitely
  • fewer tantrums… probably because they play so much more.

The best part is they deliver your product to your door! You can Buy Here by registering at

Magoo-Shake nutrition for kids. Protein, carbohydrate and fat per serving. Taste great while giving nutrition and energy kids need to grow and thrive.

You can visit their website if you need more information.