Anti Pollution

Polution and your skin.

One of the top 5 beauty trends is anti-pollution skincare products. Is this only a fad or should you be concerned about the effect of pollution on your skin? Surely as a South African,  you don’t have to be too worried about air pollution? 

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), 1 out of 10 people dies yearly from pollution. In South Africa, 7.4% deaths is caused by pollution. That is about 21,000 South Africans. 

WHO defines air pollution as “contamination of both indoor and outdoor environments by any chemical, physical, or biological agent.”

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Matis Philosophy regarding pollution

The skin is constantly confronted with external agressions, That is why it is essential to protect and preserve it day to day.

Maticity cream not only detoxifies and moisturises the skin but also protect from anti-ageing signs. Combined with Essential Micellar water and City Protect City ProtectTM 50 is the perfect combination for a protected, more beautiful and cleansed skin.